Avastars: Series 4

OK everybody, step right up! Series 4 of Avastars is about to begin.

Series 3 was finished so quickly, but there is no time to lament the loss of traits like Nightclub Hair and male Afros, Series 4 is upon us!

It’s time to get ready for new traits, like Orange and Fire hair colours. There will be Cornflower eye colour, and new backgrounds and background colours. I’m particularly looking forward to Pale Leaf combined with background 8, as demonstrated in the example below.

There will be Bald heads, Glitter and Tongues Out for girls, Cyborg mouths and Kisses for guys. Women will be able to wear OpenSea Trucker Hats and Police Hats, and men will have Cowboy hats and, awesomely, Aussie hats!!

But one of the things I am most excited about is CHEESE WEDGE EARRINGS! Yes that’s right — both genders will be able to wear wedges of cheese in their ears. Woot!

If you are new to Avastars, the best advice for you is to scroll and scroll, and if you see a face that appeals to you, save it to your wish list so that you can mint it later if you decide that you want to keep it. There are multiple ways to assess the rarity of Avastars and I would recommend reading the helpful links channel in the Avastars Discord for more detail about that.

There is more complexity to the reasons that people collect Avastars than rarity. Some of them are just so beautiful that it’s hard to resist them. You might see one that looks like someone you know, or someone famous. You might want to think about what type of Avastar you would like for your own profile image on other platforms.

And finally people collect Avastars for specific traits that they will want to use to create replicants, which will be a new phase of Avastars that will happen after series 5 is complete. You will be able to create a replicant using 12 traits from between 2 and 5 primes and an ART token.
Join the Avastars Discord to interact with the community and ask questions, and check the helpful information available there. We can’t wait to see you scrolling for series 4!

(And remember to blink!)

NFT addict

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